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3/16-3/20/20 Spanish Lesson

  • Activity:  Rodar, Volar, o Flotar - Roll, Fly, or Float

  • Songs:  Buenos Dias (Good Day) or Buenas Tardes (Good Afternoon); Chispa Tren (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmbhv3Q4G50) - great for clean-up; Row, row, row your boat (bilingual)

  • Spanish Challenge:  slow - lento; fast - rapido

  • Books:  any book pertaining to transportation or places we go to

  • Tres Palabras (Three vocabulary words):  rodar - roll; volar - fly; flotar - float

Instructions for Activity:  The activity Rodar, Volar, o Flotar was going to be a function matching game.  I made a poster board with the words "Rodar" (rolls), "Volar" (flies) and "Flotar" (floats) at the top in three columns.  Underneath each word is a long strip of soft Velcro running vertically.  For the activity, I created clip art pictures of 25 vehicles that either roll on the ground, fly in the air, or float on the water.  Each picture has a piece of Velcro on the back so as to stick them onto the strips on the poster board.  Each child was going to pick a picture at random, identify the vehicle, and place it under the correct category.  For instance, if the child picked up a picture of a skateboard, they would place the picture under the word "Rodar" because the skateboard rolls on the ground.  They would also say the word "rodar," which is one of the vocabulary words of the day (see above).

A dry erase board, a piece of paper, or a chalk board can be used to create the three categories of vehicle function.  The clip art pictures can be substituted with your child's toys that roll, fly, or float.  You can also create a "roll, fly, or float" collage with cut-outs from magazines, newspapers, etc.  All you need is a piece of paper, markers, scissors, and glue sticks.  This would be a great opportunity to get your little ones to practice cutting.  As your children place their vehicles under the correct function category, have them say the correct vocabulary word in Spanish:  Rodar, Volar, Flotar.

Bilingual version of Row, row, row your boat:

Vamos a remar

En mi barquito

Rema, rema, rema, rema

En mi barquito

The version appearing in the newsletter is slightly different.  The above version uses the repeating word "rema" which means "to row."  The newsletter version has the repeating word "rapido" which means "fast."  Try singing both versions with your child!

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