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3/23-3/27/20 Spanish Lesson

  • Activity:  Mi mapa, mi viaje - My map, my trip/journey

  • Songs:  Buenos Dias (Good Day) or Buenas Tardes (Good Afternoon); Medios de transporte (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXVc12lsiVw)

  • Spanish Challenge:  slow - lento; fast - rapido

  • Books:  The Journey Home from Grandpa's by Jemima Lumley (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKcrsv_t8Ko); a book about different forms of transportation (English).

  • Tres Palabras (Three vocabulary words):  mapa - map; viaje - trip/journey; foto - photograph

Instructions for Activity:  The activity Mi mapa, mi viaje can be an indoor or outdoor destination activity.  I created a poster board map (see below) where the children can choose six different places or lugaresto visit.  I made six different location cut-outs (see below) corresponding to different spots in the big playground at the Coop.  Of course, we will not be doing thelessonat the school, so you will have to use your imagination to come up with different places to visit at your home.  Ask your child to help you create the locations they would like to visit!  For example, convert the kitchen into a restaurant or restaurante, or your TV room into a movie theater or cine.  An outside playground can be made into an amusement park orparque de atracciones.  Stuffed animals in a room would make for a great zoo or animal preserve or zoologico.  Do as many or as few locations as you want, and BE CREATIVE!.  Once you have figured out the locations you will be visiting, write down the names of each location or draw a picture on small pieces of construction paper.  Help your child create a map or mapa of their journey by using tape to affix your stops on the map (see below).  Remember, your starting point will be your end point.  With map in hand, visit each location and have someone take a picture or fotoof your child at that location.  Tell your child the pictures taken during your trip/journey or viaje will be used to make a scrapbook or memory book.  Go have an adventure!


Senor Amador

Some of the materials you will need include:

  • piece of paper or construction paper (for the map)

  • markers

  • small paper squares (draw a picture or write the name of the destination)

  • tape

  • camera or smart phone

  • lots of imagination

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