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4/17 Hands On Activity

Painting frozen icebergs with watercolors!

This activity will require a little timing and some patience as we don't have access to blocks of ice floating in a nearby ocean.  Some of the materials you will need include:

  • -watercolors (or any kind of paint available)

  • - paintbrush (thin or chunky)

  • - water

  • - small water containers of varying size

  • - freezer

  • - shallow plastic tray or serving platter

  • - small cup with water (to clean paintbrush)

  • - salt (optional)

I filled various small plastic containers with water and placed them in the freezer the night before.  I then pulled the frozen containers the following morning, let them thaw at room temperature on a plastic serving platter, and the "icebergs" popped out of the containers.  Your child is now able to use watercolors or any other kind of paint available to paint the icebergs.  You might want to have a small cup of clean water to wash their paintbrush between the use of different colors.  After painting the icebergs for a few minutes, I sprinkled some salt on top of each frozen block to see how they would melt.  This step is optional, but it creates a neat effect after letting the salt melt the ice and painting the melted area with some paint.  The developmental milestones we are aiming to strengthen through this activity is the use of a fist or pincher grasp when your child holds the paintbrush to paint.  We are also aiming to have the child explore the feel of the iceberg through touch. 

Ask your child open-ended questions like: 

  • how does the ice feel? 

  • what is happening to the icebergs?

  • what do you think will happen if we put salt on the ice?

  • how long do you think it will take for all the icebergs to melt?

We hope you enjoy painting icebergs with watercolors!  We would love to see how your painted icebergs came out!

Sr. Amador & Ms. Lynella

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