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4/27-5/1/20 Spanish Lesson

Hide-and-seek game with four common farm animals

  • Activity: Where is the...COW?!? - Donde esta...LA VACA?!?

  • Songs:  Buenos Dias (Good Day) or Buenas Tardes (Good Afternoon); La Vaca Lola (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gpkz6BWM_Fw)

  • Spanish Challenge:  big/large - grande; small - chico

  • Book: The Little Red Hen - La gallinita roja

            (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYwjuufc19Q) - English read aloud

            (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0gTwlXLhxI) - Spanish read aloud

  • Tres Palabras (Three vocabulary words):  esconder - hide; encontrar - find; granja - farm

Instructions for Activity:  Today you will be playing a version of a hide-and-seek game with some common farm animals.  This activity can be done inside or outside.  The first step is to print or recreate the four farm animals from the Google Doc provided.  Have your child color all four animals.  They can also try to cut out the animals once they are colored, if they are feeling ambitious.  You can always help with the cut-outs, as well.  Once all four animals have been cut out, go over the names of the animals in Spanish:  la vaca - cow; el caballo - horse; la gallina - chicken; and el cerdo - pig.  There are two ways of playing this hide-and-seek farm animal game.  The first version involves hiding all four animal cut-outs inside one room of the house or outside in the backyard, and have your child find the animals.  You ask your child, "Donde esta la vaca?" or "Where is the cow?"  After your child finds any of the animals, have them say, "Aqui esta!" or "Here it is!"  Once your child has found all the animals, you may offer your child a turn to hide the animals and the parent becomes the finder of the hidden farm animals.  The second version of this game incorporates a deductive reasoning component before the hide-and-seek game begins.  For this version, the parent will choose one farm animal cut-out to hide.  The other three animal cut-outs will be underneath a sheet of paper or a medium-sized kitchen cloth.  The parent will remove the paper or cloth revealing the three animal cut-outs.  The child can practice saying the names of these animals in Spanish.  The parent will follow up by asking the child, "Which animal is missing?"  After the child figures out which animal is missing, the parent will then encourage their child to find the missing animal cut-out hidden somewhere inside or outside the house.  I would play this game with my own kids with a few of their stuffed animals.  They really enjoyed taking turns finding and hiding the stuffed animals.

Some of the materials you may need:

  • print out of farm animal cut-outs

Farm Animals_Animales de la granjapdf
  • crayons, markers, or colored pencils

  • scissors

  • extra sheet of paper or medium-sized kitchen cloth

  • good hiding places

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.  I hope you have FUN with this hide-and-seek activity!

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