Family Involvement


At our school, families play a unique and important role. Family members serve on various committees, comprise the Board of Directors, and assist in their children’s classroom on a regular basis. We offer parents a resource library and child lending library.

Our Committees/Volunteer Positions Are:

  •  Maintenance

  •  Yard Maintenance & Gardening

  •  Fundraising

  •  Marketing

  •  Community

  •  Purchaser

  •  Scholastic Book Order Coordinator

  • Scholarship

  • Chickens

  • Playground Inspection


Family Participation Requirements

When you enroll your child at APSC, your family commits to the following expectations:

  1.  Attend a mandatory orientation session at the beginning of the school year.

  2. Participate in your child’s classroom a specific number of sessions per month, dependent on your child’s schedule.  One-half day equals one session.  The participation requirements are as follows:

  •    If your child attends 1-3 sessions per week, you participate 1 session per month.

  •    If your child attends 1-6 sessions per week, you participate 2 sessions per month.

  •    If your child attends 1-10 sessions per week, you participate 3 sessions per month.

3. Attend two scheduled maintenance days.
4. Serve on one parent committee, or on the Board of Directors.

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