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About Us

Albuquerque Preschool Cooperative is Albuquerque’s first parent-involved cooperative preschool. Founded in 1965, we have been accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) since 1995. We hold a five-star license from the State of New Mexico.


Our child-centered philosophy believes each child is a unique individual. Our school follows the Creative Curriculum. This play-based curriculum supports our philosophy, which is that children grow and learn best in an unhurried, non-stressful environment where peers, teachers, and family all play an important role. We plan and implement a wide variety of developmentally appropriate learning experiences to enhance your child’s physical, motor, language, literacy, social, emotional and creative development. We have a weekly Spanish curriculum in all of our classrooms. We work daily to maintain an environmentally aware program. Our program strives for diversity in terms of our families, the learning environment, and activities offered.

The mission of the Albuquerque Preschool Cooperative is to operate a preschool that provides two- to five-year-old children and their families with a high-quality program that:


  • offers positive personal relationships between children, parents, and teachers;

  • provides flexible programs with varied developmentally appropriate activities;

  • involves diverse children and families;

  • emphasizes a multi-cultural inclusive curriculum; and

  • offers families an opportunity to contribute to the development of the policies and programs of the school and to relate to children in a school environment.


Upcoming Events:
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Stay Tuned...

Our School’s Objectives:

  1.   Providing a caring, respectful, supportive, enriching, creative, and inclusive environment.

  2.   Providing a multi-cultural, non-sexist, anti-biased, inclusive environment that fosters respect for all people.

  3.   Helping each child to be aware of him/herself as an individual and as a member of a group.

  4.   Recognizing each child’s strengths, needs, and interests.

  5.   Providing experiences that encourage the child to build on his/her strengths and grow in all developmental areas at his/her own rate.

  6.   Helping each child to express his/her feelings in a healthy manner.

  7.   Providing opportunities for each child to engage in problem-solving.

  8.   Encouraging children to make decisions, plan activities, and take responsibility for themselves and their actions.

  9.   Providing an opportunity for development of respect for self and others.

  10.   Valuing and encouraging individual differences.

  11.   Ensuring that each child is offered developmentally appropriate learning opportunities which help to prepare for later academic success.

  12.   Providing services for income-eligible families through cooperation with state agencies and in-house scholarships.

  13.   Maintaining communication with parents and encouraging parental involvement.

  14.   Maintaining a healthy, safe, consistent, and secure environment.


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